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Beaches and more

In this section you can seeΒ  various fotos from diferent beaches and locations of Brazils coast, like the Ceara Beach which is located near Fortaleza, like there you can find hundreds ofΒ  beaches in Brazil, like the beaches in the north, at the carribean sea.

Ceara Beach with palms in the wind

Ceara Beach Northern Brazil

You can fly to Recife,Fortaleza, Bahia or Olinda and near that cities you will find a lot of the best beaches of Brazil. A bit more in the south you find the beaches at Salvador da Bahia and the beaches called Guaruja and Santos, that can be found near Sao Paulo.


a lonely guesthouse in northern brazil

Guesthouse Genipabu Rio Grande do Norte


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Guesthouse for people that come to Rio

Guesthouse near Rio de Janeiro

Also very nice and with more tropical feeling, well known also outside of Brazil, for example the onesΒ  in Rio de Janeiro, which are Ipanema and as the most known, The Copacabana Beach. More in the south you will find a lotmore, like in Ilheus, Itacare, Trancoso and Florianopolis.


in brazil, in bahia located this nice white sands beach

Mangue seco in Bahia


one of the supercruisers in the carribean sea

Cruiser Fortuna near Sao Paulo

The cruiser ships like from Carnival or Royal Carribean are very popular to go to a lot of cities by the sea and the big cruisers offer a lot of luxury you can enjoy on these multi million dollar worth ships.

Praia Bela Paraiba

Pousada Praia Bela, Paraiba, near Recife

The little archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is located near Recife in the northeast of Brazil, about 350km from Recife, a paradise for warm water divers .

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SometimesΒ  you can see about 50 meters down in the water, its a fantastic place for underwater tourism.

Fernando de Noronha

Island Fernando de Noronha